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RE: PC: RE: Penn Central Power Book Price

Good Morning all--PC power has been available at GAT shows I have attended in New Orleans and Jackson, both times at or above $100. The seller does have a huge selection of out-of-print books each time I have seen him, but I just can't bring myself to spend the money. I have looked through it and I know it would be a great resource to have, but I just don't care for being, in my opinion, "scalped" for it. I am certain that if I bide my time I will be able to pick up a used copy in the 40-60 range, so it is a matter of being patient. I was looking for the SAL and CNJ diesel guides in early '99 and having no luck, so I called Withers directly, and lo and behold, they still had a couple of copies on hand and bought one of each for the original retail ($55, I think). Publishers themselves thus are not making the extra money on the secondary market, which was part of my point. We need to support out publishers so they can afford to continue bringing us the data and images we need both as modelers and railfans. One reasonable source for books I have found is Ron's Books (not pimping for him, just offering this info), who typically sells the Morning Sun books for %20 off the MSRP. I have really built up my Color Guide books at $40 each, and am grateful for the info they have provided me. We should have perspective and keep in mind why they charge the $50 they do--these are ALL COLOR books, which is terribly expensive itself, hardbound not perfect bound, and each is on a very narrow, specific subject---and, to my knowledge, those who provide photos do it gratis, only receiving a photo credit for compensation. If the publisher paid the photographers by photo, these books would be unaffordable. Those here who attended college will recall the prices on some pretty skimpy, thin books we paid a whoooole lot for. I think we are fortunate to have MS and TLC and 4WW giving us the books they do at a price we can live with, and they are to be thanked for trying to eke out a living publishing pretty esoteric stuff.
     As to the secondary market, smart shopping will help. I screwed up and let the ACL diesel book (also by Withers) get away without picking up a copy. I solved this by actually WORKING AT IT. I got out an issue of RMC and started dialing hobby shops in the shop listings. I first tried the computer, but all I found was a copy for $200(!!!!!) at Amazon. On the sixth or seventh try, I found a shop in Georgia that still had several copies on hand at original retail, $49.95. They had not marked them up even though they were (A) out of print and (B) even Withers has no copies on hand any more. I bought two with great gratitude. My point is that with a little "sweat equity", they can still often be found at a price we can live with. I do keep in mind though that our time also has value, and closing in on 40 myself, each day is more precious!
     I think encouraging MS to do a Penn Central Power in Color text would be a fine thing, and those who already have the original (which, if I recall correctly, is mostly black and white) would still have a distinct, collectible and valuable item. What do you guys think?

Best wishes to all,
seaboardempire -AT- earthlink.net

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Yes but how often are they up for sale anywhere? I'm sure there's quite a
few people that would like to have a copy (myself included) and reasonable
or not, that's quite a chunk of change to shell out for the book. Even the
40 to 60 dollar price tags for buying these books new is ridiculous. I say
we get everybody we can to bombard Morning Sun with e-mails requesting a
reprint. Anybody have an e-mail address for them?

Don Narris--Canton, Ohio  (M.P. 98-PFW&C RR)

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Hello PC Fans,

Actually I think the Penn Central Power book at $75.00 is fairly
resonable. Especially considering what information it furnishes and what
its original cost was.

Como's used books recently sold two used Penn Central Power books for
$110.00 each.

I don't believe anyone will be giving them away soon.



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