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PC: RE: Penn Central Power Book Price

Yes but how often are they up for sale anywhere? I'm sure there's quite a
few people that would like to have a copy (myself included) and reasonable
or not, that's quite a chunk of change to shell out for the book. Even the
40 to 60 dollar price tags for buying these books new is ridiculous. I say
we get everybody we can to bombard Morning Sun with e-mails requesting a
reprint. Anybody have an e-mail address for them?

Don Narris--Canton, Ohio  (M.P. 98-PFW&C RR)

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Hello PC Fans,

Actually I think the Penn Central Power book at $75.00 is fairly
resonable. Especially considering what information it furnishes and what
its original cost was.

Como's used books recently sold two used Penn Central Power books for
$110.00 each.

I don't believe anyone will be giving them away soon.


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