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Re: PC: Re: PC Roster

As far as reprinting the original unchanged, somewhere there should be
printing negatives with the photos etc. all in place.  That is, if the
original plates don't exist.

We faced the same situation at the WMRHS, which by dumb luck came across
several cartons of Western Maryland Diesels, (Jahn and Johnson, Crusader
Press) which originally came out shortly after Cheesy System took over.  By
the mid-80's, these books were as rare as hen's teeth, and the publisher had
gone belly-up.  We sold the "found" books to members only, if I remember
correctly, for $10 or so.  If e-bay had been around then, we probably could
have gotten $100 a throw for them.  With the publisher gone, there was no
easy way to re-print this veritable bible for the WM diesel fan.

Ultimately, the society published its own book in the early '90's, Western
Maryland in the Diesel Era.

Maybe that is the fate of the PCCHS, to publish an updated and better
photographed version of its own for the current modeling market.  This is
another thing to consider.  Anything published back when PC was alive was
more or less a spotter's guide, with less consideration of the modelers'
basic needs.  Anything that is re-done or done over now will be almost
exclusively for modelers.
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>Hi--yes, he would have to round up all the slides and such again, or,
better yet, go more for color ones and less for the B&W this go around.
While 13-D doesn't require a whole lot of imagination, the color pics would
sure help in seeing the best way to weather model locos for PC--I don't
think just hosing them with Grimy Black really qualifies. Doing one of these
books can really be quite a project. One prominent and prolific author I
know has been working on a BN Color Guide for over 3 years. I'd love to see
one for the SCL, but that is a different list to bug people on. Keep hope
(for the PC) alive!
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>Patrick wrote:
>> I told him about the sky-high prices on the PC Power books on eBay (one
>> is now up to $71) and suggested that there was a market for a revised
>> second edition. He talked about how difficult it is to create a second >
edition of such a work, and that offering second editions could hurt
>> the sales of releases because folks might decide to wait for later
>> printings. Both valid points, and I have to agree with him.
>How about instead of a revised second edition he just reprint the
>original version? Three reasons for this: a) I don't know how much you
>could change the original...just about all the data you'd ever need was
>in it, b) the poor saps paying $71 on eBay would probably rather pay $45
>or $50 for a brand new copy, revised or not, and c) it would be a lot
>easier for Mr. Yanosey and Company to reprint. (I'm assuming on the
>last point--I don't know if they would need to get back all of the
>original slides and prints that were in the original book, or if there's
>some "master" sitting around that they can print off again. My ignorance
>of the publishing world is showing here.)
>> While I am all for capitalism, free markets, etc., it kills me to pay
>> well above market for books such as PC power just because I was not in
>> the hobby when it came out.
>All I can say is that I'm thankful for what had to have been good
>foresight was I was in high school and shelled out $45 plus S&H to
>order my copy of _Penn Central Power_. To me, at the time, that was a
>rather large sum of money, but I'm glad I bought it when I did.
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