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Re: PC: NYC sharks that didn't make it to PC

I remember 236 being in Union Bridge with a crowd of WMRHS volunteers hovering around the prime mover and the electrical system.  There was a lot of work performed both by B&O museum and WMRHS volunteers.
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In regard to the WM F7A 236 project, to the best of my knowledge, the
locomotive is nearing completion and in fact may be in primer as I write.
Several of the body panels were badly corroded and had to be replaced along
with sections of the supporting frame. There was, I believe, a great deal of
welding necessary in addition to countless hours of needle-gunning, scraping
and sanding to prepare the body for painting. As an example of the work done,
many hours were spent removing the paint from the intake grills to restore
them to their original condition. I understand there was some mechanical work
done also but I do not know what kind and to what extent (I think to the
brake system, but that's only a guess).

As for the WMRHS restoration, anything done to the 236 was bare minimum to
get her running. If I recall correctly, while the Society did contribute
funds and help, the majority of the work was done by B&O Museum staff and

Of course if I'm wrong about this, I'll eat a big plate of crow…!

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