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Re: PC: NYC sharks that didn't make it to PC

The B&O Museum is probably not a good place to look for Penn Central
preservation efforts. They are concentrating their efforts of local
roads, especially B&O, C&O and WM. While I will miss some of their old
exhibits, its great to see a museum focus on one area instead of just
becoming a collection of assorted, unrelated equipment. I won't get into
the squabble over which railroad museum is best, but the B&O belongs high
on any such list.

> This is getting wildly off-topic, but that U25B was sold to a 
> private individual according to a recent Railpace 

This was widely discussed on the L&N list
(http://www.egroups.com/group/lnrr). Basically, the unit was given to B&O
by CSX. Since B&O is concentrating on Baltimore railroading now that they
are not connected with the railroad, the loaned the U25B to the Tennessee
Valley Railroad Museum (Chattanooga). After a few years, B&O got fed up
with TVRM and decided to terminate the loan. B&O asked TVRM if they
wanted to but the U25B, and if not would they contact other museums in
the South about the unit's availability. TVRM declined to buy the unit,
as far as anyone can tell they kept the units availability a secret. B&O,
thinking there was no interest in the L&N community, offered the unit on
the rebuilder market. A rebuilder (who I talked to) bought it because he
had a customer (who he declined to name) that wanted a small GE. (When
the unit was up for sale, Kentucky Railway Museum, THE L&N museum, bought
a diesel because they were looking for more power, and a history minded
former L&N shortline also was interested in purchasing the unit but
didn't find out until the rebuilder deal was consummated.)

Bryan Turner

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