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PC: NYC Sharks

The last thing I heard on these engines (about 10 years ago) is that both
units needed extensive work.  As the story goes, one has a cracked frame at
the rear coupler pocket.

For whatever it's worth, these units were advertised for sale at the
http://www.kingsell.com/auctionroot/viewauctions.asp?catID=18 web site in
April 2000.  As I recall, price was $65,000 for the damaged one, higher for
the one in better condition.  Just as I was figuring out how to put a second
mortgage on the house (just kidding), I learned the listing was a hoax.

The above site ("International Railroad Equipment Exchange" out of Quebec)
appears to be inactive as there are no ongoing auctions.

Gary Stuebben
Dayton, OH

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