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Re: PC: NYC sharks that didn't make it to PC

Ain't necessarily so...  They have a Milwaukee Road electric, a GG1, and a
number of other items that are not strictly pre-CSX.  No PC that I'm aware
of, though.

CSX no longer operates the museum.  It was turned over to a non-profit a
while ago, along with a substantial endowment, and the non-profit wants to
appeal to a broad spectrum of railfans with wallets.

If a shark is out there, they would have a legitimate claim.  I would love
to see a D&H example displayed, if not the original NYC lightning stripe.

Also, if the thing was mothballed properly, it might not take much to get
her fired up.  The B&O museum does operate a short excursion line during the
summer months, and a shark would be an excellent addition to the operating

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>This is getting wildly off-topic, but that U25B was sold to a private
>individual according to a recent Railpace and appeared at RMDI - the old
>'Valley Coxton shops - for repairs, this after it was leased elsewhere.
>The B&O museum tries to concentrate on B&O/C&O/WM stuff, apparently.
>Bill K.
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>> You know, the B&O Museum might be just the right place for the Sharks.
>They received a U25B a couple of years back that they were going to
>and paint for the L&N (I understand it was an X-L&N unit working on the
>TransKentucky) as a CSX predecessor road. This matters on the PC page
>because now the NYC, PC and CR are predecessor roads for the CSX, so
>they would consider acquiring these unique engines for the museum, and one
>each for the PC and CR......just a thought, of course, but would'nt they
>look great in lightning stripes at the B&O? I wish that the museum had also
>acquired an old U36B to be restored for the SCL and put in their museum,
>that is off topic. Look at my name for the reason why, though.
>> Long live the PC and SCL---twin kings of 13-D paint!
>> Patrick
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>> In a message dated 1/17/01 11:06:21 PM Eastern Standard Time,
>> ERIE-LACKAWANNA -AT- prodigy.net writes:
>> << briny deep because of the behavior of railfans. Is that true? Were
>>  stealing parts of them? >>
>> Yes, it is ture - some guy stole (and was caught) operators manuals or
>> something from EL&S, and another guy tripped and decided to sue them (not
>> sure what happened with that) - thanks to those two, we mnay never see
>> last 2 RF16As.......
>> Matt "The Z Man" Adams
>> CSXT MP BAX 3.6 - Frederick Branch; Old Main Line Subdivision; Baltimore
>> Division
>> PC Frederick Seconday MP 68.8

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