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Re: PC: NYC sharks that didn't make it to PC

There are several preservation issues here

1 We are a very young society, with very limited cash flow.

2 Even if they where donated, the cost of moving, or even preparing them to
move, would most likly break the bank.

3 Move it/them to where? Can anyone see NS or CSX doing a move like this?

4 Assume we do get something, and get it moved some place safe - then what? Our
members are scattered - who restores it? Do we pay to have it done? $$$$ again

 I have formed a PCRRHS committee to investigate the issues - just in case...
Two members have come forward to serve. If any other member wants to serve,
contact me off list.

We are not planning to preserve anything at this point or forseeable future. But
if preparation meets opportunity, who knows what might happen.

One last point. The NYC/MGA/DH/E&LS Sharks are neat. But do you notice anything
missing? The letters PC. 

Jim Hebner

jer wrote

> I'll let Jim Hebner elaborate on this if he wishes, but at this point,
> the PCRRHS probably is not going to delve into any preservation efforts,
> because a) we're just starting out and have other more pressing needs to
> attend to and b) see my above paragraph. Preservation takes a lot of time
> and money, and the PCRRHS, having been in existence for not quite six
> months, just doesn't have the money or the time to devote to a project
> like that. It would be foolish to try, because it would likely bankrupt
> the Society. If someday we end up with tens of thousands of extra dollars
> in the treasury, AND the membership agrees on a worthwhile preservation
> effort, then possibly it could happen. But at this point, preservation is
> not going to be a focus of the PCRRHS. (I say this in an official role
> as a PCRRHS Trustee, although Jim can probably say the same more
> eloquently that I.)
> This I will say as a personal opinion: The sharks have been parked in
> the woods for probably 10 years, at least. They're not going anywhere,
> so I don't see a real rush to preserve them right now. Yes, things could
> change, but I'm not going to lose sleep over it. Hopefully someday down
> the road they will be preserved by someone or some group with the pockets
> to do it. But the E&LS doesn't seem to be in any hurry to sell them for
> scrap, and I'm sure they are aware of the historical significance of the
> locomotives, so this story will probably have a happy ending someday.
> Later,
> -Jer
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