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RE: PC: NYC sharks that didn't make it to PC

Actually, E&LS still cooperates with railfan groups (having hosted a number
of excursions);  it's just that (thanks to the losers mentioned below)
individuals aren't allowed to wander about as they were before.  As with
many railroads, a representative of an established organization (with
liability insurance certificate in hand) will get a more receptive audience
than an individual with a camera.

And speaking from experience, inside storage in an unheated building is
still better than being parked out in the elements, unless you have a big
maintenance budget.  Just look at any number of rolling stock displays in
public parks and limited-budget museum operations.

Bob Thatcher, President
Bluewater Michigan Chapter, NRHS

"I also dispute the argument that these units should be kept in 
storage. Why should something with historical significance be 
hidden away? If they were brought out into the light for the 
public to see they would have more value than being parked 
inside a dank, dark roundhouse."

"Yes, it is ture - some guy stole (and was caught) operators manuals or 
something from EL&S, and another guy tripped and decided to sue them (not 
sure what happened with that) - thanks to those two, we mnay never see the 
last 2 RF16As......."

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