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RE: PC: NYC sharks that didn't make it to PC

Go for it Rick! If I can be of any help from here, I certainly will.

Don Narris--Canton, Ohio  (M.P. 98-PFW&C RR)

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Sigh...You know there is one other Railroad Museum worth 
mentioning here. The National New York Central Railroad Museum 
in Elkhart, Indiana. Since these Sharks are ex-NYC, and they are 
in Michigan, we're a heck of a lot closer than Baltimore. I will 
admit we do not have the resources at our disposal the B&O 
Museum has but we're getting there.

I also dispute the argument that these units should be kept in 
storage. Why should something with historical significance be 
hidden away? If they were brought out into the light for the 
public to see they would have more value than being parked 
inside a dank, dark roundhouse. I will contact the EL&S to see 
if they may be receptive to some kind of an arrangement.

Rick Kiefer
Natl' NYCRR Museum

A Railroad is 95% men; the rest is rust and dust.
Alfred H. Smith, President, NYCL

You know, the B&O Museum might be just the right place for the 
Sharks. They received a U25B a couple of years back that they 
were going to preserve and paint for the L&N (I understand it 
was an X-L&NLong live the PC and SCL---twin kings of 13-D paint!

seaboardempire -AT- earthlink.net

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<< briny deep because of the behavior of railfans. Is that true? Were they
 stealing parts of them? >>

Yes, it is ture - some guy stole (and was caught) operators manuals or 
something from EL&S, and another guy tripped and decided to sue them (not 
sure what happened with that) - thanks to those two, we mnay never see the 
last 2 RF16As.......

Matt "The Z Man" Adams
CSXT MP BAX 3.6 - Frederick Branch; Old Main Line Subdivision; Baltimore 
PC Frederick Seconday MP 68.8


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