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Re: PC: Speaking of PC preservation...

In a message dated 1/17/01 11:25:28 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
jer -AT- smellycat.com writes:

<< According to a map, Wellsburg is 10-15 miles south of Mingo Junction,
 Ohio. I'll have to drive by there and check it out next time I'm
 chasing ore trains down that way. >>

My friend was the President of the Wellersburg Historical something-or-other, 
and it was hard enough for him to get people to paint it black (it was in CR 
Blue - yuck), he had to put the one PC logo that is on it there (short hood). 
 You can't miss the unit, its 5 feet from the road & level with it........

Matt "The Z Man" Adams
CSXT MP BAX 3.6 - Frederick Branch; Old Main Line Subdivision; Baltimore 
PC Frederick Seconday MP 68.8

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