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Re: PC: NYC sharks that didn't make it to PC

You know, the B&O Museum might be just the right place for the Sharks. They received a U25B a couple of years back that they were going to preserve and paint for the L&N (I understand it was an X-L&N unit working on the TransKentucky) as a CSX predecessor road. This matters on the PC page because now the NYC, PC and CR are predecessor roads for the CSX, so perhaps they would consider acquiring these unique engines for the museum, and one each for the PC and CR......just a thought, of course, but would'nt they look great in lightning stripes at the B&O? I wish that the museum had also acquired an old U36B to be restored for the SCL and put in their museum, but that is off topic. Look at my name for the reason why, though.

Long live the PC and SCL---twin kings of 13-D paint!

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<< briny deep because of the behavior of railfans. Is that true? Were they
 stealing parts of them? >>

Yes, it is ture - some guy stole (and was caught) operators manuals or 
something from EL&S, and another guy tripped and decided to sue them (not 
sure what happened with that) - thanks to those two, we mnay never see the 
last 2 RF16As.......

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