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Re: PC: NYC sharks that didn't make it to PC

The Shark's may not have made it into PC, but they were Renumbered to PC
Series before the merger. Its possible some were stored when PC came to

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> Someone posted a note prior to this one saying that the Sharks are in the
briny deep because of the behavior of railfans. Is that true? Were they
stealing parts of them? It just strikes me as both sad and odd that two of
the most interesting, and I think inspiring, engines made are kept away from
the only ones who will ever appreciate them. Is this, perhaps, one of the
things that we should look at changing via the PCT&HS. I have not sent in my
membership application yet, but when I do I think one of our goals should be
to cooperate with the NYC society to bring the Sharks out again. Isn't this
worth the effort?
> Patrick
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> Two of the sharks (the last two)? went to D&H and eventually to the
> Northern.  Upon the demise of the MN the sharks went to the Escanaba &
> Superior where I believe they still reside buried deep in the engine
> house....probably still in D&H paint.
> Pat

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