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RE: PC: RE: Re: More Lightning Stripes

I suggest the Penn Central Color guide to freight and passenger equipment (morning sun) as a resource for the PC passenger fleet. It shows some cars painted in a version of a darker PC green and others still in PRR Tuscan with PC love worms added, so there was quite a bit of variation. Older issues of Railpace may also offer some assitance.

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	This info helps me out a lot!  Would anybody on the list know what paint 
scheme the 56 seat smoothside coaches and diners were in during the '68 to 
'71 timeframe?

			Nicholas G. Jourin
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On Monday, January 15, 2001 4:59 PM, Terry Link 
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> > I have question for the list that relates to discussion of NYC 
> > stripe units making it into PC:  How many of NYC's lightning stripe
> > passenger cars made it into PC?  From looking at books and videos it 
> > that the majority of lightning stripe passenger cars that made it into 
> > where heavyweight coaches used in commute service.  It also seems like 
> > small number of the smoothside lightning stripe passengers cars did 
> to
> > make into at least the first 6 months of PC.  If you look at PC power
> there
> > are some pictures of lightning stripe sleepers in Cleveland taken after
> > 2/1/68.  I doubt if anyone knows but were these shots of equipment in a
> > deadline or were those kinds of cars still in service then?  There are 
> > large number of the lightning stripe cars available in N and I'd like 
> > include some in my fleet if they're prototypical for the PC era.
> Most of the NYC two-tone grey painted cars that made it into Penn Central
> were the commuter cars.  All of the NYC Pullman Standard built sleepers
> (smooth side - two-tone grey paint scheme) were retired prior to PC, many 
> them in January of 1968 just prior to the merger.  Also gone were the 
> and grill cars.
> The following is a quick summary of NYC smoothside cars that made it to 
> Most of the 56 seat smoothside coaches built by Pullman and ACF
> Most of the ACF built baggage cars
> All four of the 1938 20th Century RPO's
> The two twin unit Kitchen/Lounge-Diner #400/402 and #476/477
> Also, many of the Pullman built stainless steel 64 seat coaches had their
> fluting removed and converted to commuter service were still in service 
> PC.
> Some of the buffet/lounges, 10-6 sleepers, diners and coaches built by 
> made it to PC, a few still in service for Amtrak.
> Terry Link
> Bramalea, Ontario
> trlink -AT- canadasouthern.com
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