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PC: Re: Re: Lightning stripes in the PC era?

Yes and No.   The NYC's sharks went to the Monongahela somewhere between '66
and '68.   When the MGA wore them out and retired them, 1205 and 1216 were
sold to the D&H.   Of course those two still exist in Michgan.

Although the PRR had gone so far as to re-engine 3 sharks with Alco 251's, I
believe even those were retired by 1968 (although one B unit existed into
the 90's converted to a mobile generator).

So although some did make it to the PC era, they didn't run on the PC

Bill K.

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> Did any Baldwin Sharks make it to the PC era? If so, did any get
> Don Narris--Canton, Ohio  (M.P. 98-PFW&C RR)
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> Agreed.  Except.....   When something is NOT "true to prototype" that
> information needs to be shared.  Then you can make up your own mind
> whether you care or not.  Personally, I'm getting one, just because i like
> how it looks.  However, if the RS11's in stripes were actually USED on the
> NYC, I would have bought 3 or 4 and renumbered them.
> That's the nice thing about the PC, there is hardly anything that they
> didn't have.<g>

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