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Re: PC: chicken wire F-units

Thank you gents.  I can add 3 more credits to my pursuit of my railfan's

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Date: Sunday, January 14, 2001 12:00 PM
Subject: Re: PC: chicken wire F-units

>weldon wrote:
>> Pardon my ignorance,
>> but why are these units referred to as "Chicken Wire?"
>"Chicken wire" refers to the type of covering over the radiator intakes
>on the sides of the units. The F2 and F3 models had "chicken wire"
>covering the radiator openings and on some models, the vents between the
>With late F3 models, along with the F7 and F9, the radiators were
>covered with grilles, which is the most commonly seen on F units.
>> Are photos available?
>Check out this web page for clarification between F-unit models,
>including some photos:
>Also, from George Elwood's photo site, here's a couple of pictures that
>clearly show the difference between the chicken wire and the grilles.
>Look above the portholes on the side of the engine:
>F2 1604 (chicken wire) http://gelwood.railfan.net/other/nyc/nyc1604ag.jpg
>F7 1640 (grilles) http://gelwood.railfan.net/other/nyc/nyc1640s.jpg
>Actually, in the second photo, the trailing unit is a chicken wire F3B,
>so it clearly shows the difference between the two.
>Hope this helps.
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