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PC: Re: More Lightning Stripes

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From: "Nicholas G. Jourin" <ngjourin -AT- pacbell.net>

> I have question for the list that relates to discussion of NYC lightning
> stripe units making it into PC:  How many of NYC's lightning stripe
> passenger cars made it into PC?  From looking at books and videos it seems
> that the majority of lightning stripe passenger cars that made it into PC
> where heavyweight coaches used in commute service.  It also seems like a
> small number of the smoothside lightning stripe passengers cars did seem
> make into at least the first 6 months of PC.  If you look at PC power
> are some pictures of lightning stripe sleepers in Cleveland taken after
> 2/1/68.  I doubt if anyone knows but were these shots of equipment in a
> deadline or were those kinds of cars still in service then?  There are a
> large number of the lightning stripe cars available in N and I'd like to
> include some in my fleet if they're prototypical for the PC era.

Most of the NYC two-tone grey painted cars that made it into Penn Central
were the commuter cars.  All of the NYC Pullman Standard built sleepers
(smooth side - two-tone grey paint scheme) were retired prior to PC, many of
them in January of 1968 just prior to the merger.  Also gone were the diner
and grill cars.

The following is a quick summary of NYC smoothside cars that made it to PC:

Most of the 56 seat smoothside coaches built by Pullman and ACF
Most of the ACF built baggage cars
All four of the 1938 20th Century RPO's
The two twin unit Kitchen/Lounge-Diner #400/402 and #476/477

Also, many of the Pullman built stainless steel 64 seat coaches had their
fluting removed and converted to commuter service were still in service into

Some of the buffet/lounges, 10-6 sleepers, diners and coaches built by Budd
made it to PC, a few still in service for Amtrak.

Terry Link
Bramalea, Ontario
trlink -AT- canadasouthern.com

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