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PC: More Lightning Stripes

	I have question for the list that relates to discussion of NYC lightning 
stripe units making it into PC:  How many of NYC's lightning stripe 
passenger cars made it into PC?  From looking at books and videos it seems 
that the majority of lightning stripe passenger cars that made it into PC 
where heavyweight coaches used in commute service.  It also seems like a 
small number of the smoothside lightning stripe passengers cars did seem to 
make into at least the first 6 months of PC.  If you look at PC power there 
are some pictures of lightning stripe sleepers in Cleveland taken after 
2/1/68.  I doubt if anyone knows but were these shots of equipment in a 
deadline or were those kinds of cars still in service then?  There are a 
large number of the lightning stripe cars available in N and I'd like to 
include some in my fleet if they're prototypical for the PC era.

			Nicholas G. Jourin
			ngjourin -AT- pacbell.net

			Penn Central Lives!

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