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Re: PC: Re: Lightning stripes in the PC era? NOPE--nor for RS-11s

Agreed.  Except.....   When something is NOT "true to prototype" that
information needs to be shared.  Then you can make up your own mind
whether you care or not.  Personally, I'm getting one, just because i like
how it looks.  However, if the RS11's in stripes were actually USED on the
NYC, I would have bought 3 or 4 and renumbered them.

That's the nice thing about the PC, there is hardly anything that they
didn't have.<g>

On Mon, 15 Jan 2001, Steve Vargo wrote:

>  There's a whole lot of proto-Nazis out there who need to have this drummed
> into them, especially the OUR hobby part.
> > If folks enjoy running the RS11's, go for it! The hobby is supposed >to be
> fun, and everyone's definition of fun differs. I want to run >only equipment
> that is accurate for the fall of 1981, but I still >like to dream of
> C44-9W's with 13-d black paint, worms in love and >lots of oil and dirt on
> them....accuracy is important (hence the >existence of Proto 2000), but it
> should not get in the way of >enjoying our hobby. 'Nuff said.
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