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PC: Re: Penn central 5480

     I was a frequent visitor to the yard at Manchester, CT in the late
PC-early CR years and so was PC 5480!    I have two photos of this loco, one
shot in 1975 and the other in 77.   The unit is in full PC black with all
the standard logos for RS-3 units, however is lacking the name.
     PC 5478 was common as well and had the no frills black dip with numbers
and only the end logos.   Early CR years found PC rebuild RS-3m 9972 as the
apparent successor as it seemed to be the only power assigned there.  The
9972 was fortunate to receive the full PC scheme and looked pretty sharp to
the end (my "biased" opinion).
     Contact me off list if you would like a copy of #5480.


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Subject: PC: Penn central 5480

>I am looking for a picture of penn central engine 5480.From what I can tell
>from reading PC power, it was used while in NH colors. The New Haven number
>was 545 so if someone has a picture of either unit it will be greatly

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