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Re: PC: Re: Lightning stripes in the PC era? NOPE--nor for RS-11s

On Elwood's site, there is an obviously erroneous caption to a photo of 1644 
and another F at Youngstown, Ohio, reading in 1969.  These are an a-a- set 
in the truncated lightning stripes and with the coupler covers in place on 
the pilots, plus looking factory - fresh.  I bet the intended date was 1949 
or 59.
I did see an FB-2 in the summer of 1968 here in Corning that was still in 
lightning stripes, but very ratty looking, and not far from trade - in or 
scrapping.  I was too young to realize this was sort of an anomaly when I 
viewed it, so naturally I didn't get a road number.
Jim Kosty

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