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Re: PC: Re: Lightning stripes in the PC era? NOPE--nor for RS-11s

     No, they were not used in the Selkirk area. They were stored in the remains of the Selkirk roundhouse. Had they been used, the NYC would have been obligated to pay for them (or their use) through purchase or lease, and that was the whole point of refusing to accept them---they were NOT going to be put into service. NYC allowed them to be stored there until ALCO found a purchaser, which turned out to be the D&H.
     As to whether the models are bogus, there are a couple of right answers. We all know that the model makers have to make money, so we should not begrudge them making kits in schemes that either have no historical prototype (not the case here) or are on the far end of actual historical accuracy (certainly the case here). If folks enjoy running the RS11's, go for it! The hobby is supposed to be fun, and everyone's definition of fun differs. I want to run only equipment that is accurate for the fall of 1981, but I still like to dream of C44-9W's with 13-d black paint, worms in love and lots of oil and dirt on them....accuracy is important (hence the existence of Proto 2000), but it should not get in the way of enjoying our hobby. 'Nuff said.
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Lionel is also offering these same NYC RS-11's in O Scale, so they are not bogus. Since they were at Selkirk NYC had to use them around the area. Fact is they were ordered and delievered so they are not bogus units. They also have d/b's that 8000-8009 do not have. This leaves the 8015-8019 slot open for more RS-11's of possibly C420's later.....Jerome

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>From what I am seeing in pics, some units may have been placed in deadlines to finish out their trust (especially minority builders) or due to a "major malfunction" while still in lightening stripes. Most of those were scrapped or traded in on NYC's late 50's/early 60's fleet modernization efforts, at least as I understand it. Perhaps you could create a deadline of ratty pre-PC NYC/PRR units...sounds cool to me!


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  Patrick Harris wrote:

  > In NYC Lightning Stripes, Vol. 2, page 50, there is a photo of a covey of RS-11's in LS, BUT the
  > caption says: "Six RS-11's were assembled by ALCO in 1960 on the basis of a verbal commitment from
  > an NYC official, but they were never accepted by the NYC and remained in storage at Selkirk
  > roundhouse through 1960. Eventually they were purchased by the D&H and repainted by ALCO in their
  > new gray and blue color scheme early in 1961. These RS-11's (#8009-8014) were the ONLY ONES
  > (added emphasis) delivered in lightning stripes as the first group (#8000-8009) were painted black......"

  Interesting.... According to that, the Atlas RS-11 models in lightning
  stripes then are bogus, although the numbers are correct (8011 and
  8014). Apparently whoever at Atlas decided on the paint scheme either
  looked at the wrong photos, or didn't read the entire caption...

  Thanks for the info!



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