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Re: PC: Re: Lightning stripes in the PC era?

"Gerhard A. Stuebben" wrote:
> Hold everything!  If you're referring to
> http://gelwood.railfan.net/other/nyc/nyc1644s.jpg , that link is in error.
> The shot is from my collection, and I assure you it was take in
> Bellefontaine, OH in 1949.  I have a shot of the same engine in 1969 and it
> is in the cigar band stripe (and a rather worn cigar band at that).  I
> notified George Elwood of the link error this evening.

Yes, that was the picture I looked at. I thought those stripes looked
pretty fresh for being 1969, but I didn't think anything more of it.
> Check out the third and fourth unit in the consist pictured at
> http://gelwood.railfan.net/other/nyc/nyc1615.jpg .  They are still in the
> lightning stripe, but the photo was taken in 1964.    See also
> http://gelwood.railfan.net/other/nyc/nyc1684.jpg for an A-B set in lightning
> stripe on the point of a coal drag in 1964.  So we can confirm that the
> lightning striped F units were still around in 1964, but that's not to say
> that they made it to 1968.

Two photos at Geneva, Ohio....cool....  That's what I keep finding, is
that most of the lightning stripes start dying out around 1964 or 1965.
Maybe none of them made it all the way to 1968?

Patrick Harris wrote:

> From what I am seeing in pics, some units may have been placed in deadlines to finish out their trust
> (especially minority builders) or due to a "major malfunction" while still in lightening stripes. Most of
> those were scrapped or traded in on NYC's late 50's/early 60's fleet modernization efforts, at least as I
> understand it. Perhaps you could create a deadline of ratty pre-PC NYC/PRR units...sounds cool to me!

Not for $60 a pop I'm not... :-)


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