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Re: PC: Re: Lightning stripes in the PC era? NOPE--nor for RS-11s

Well, you could always model the burned-out hulk of the Selkirk roundhouse and park models of all of them there and model 1960.
On second thought, never mind. Camelot is such a silly place.
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Sent: Sunday, January 14, 2001 9:57 PM
Subject: Re: PC: Re: Lightning stripes in the PC era? NOPE--nor for RS-11s

Patrick Harris wrote:

> In NYC Lightning Stripes, Vol. 2, page 50, there is a photo of a covey of RS-11's in LS, BUT the
> caption says: "Six RS-11's were assembled by ALCO in 1960 on the basis of a verbal commitment from
> an NYC official, but they were never accepted by the NYC and remained in storage at Selkirk
> roundhouse through 1960. Eventually they were purchased by the D&H and repainted by ALCO in their
> new gray and blue color scheme early in 1961. These RS-11's (#8009-8014) were the ONLY ONES
> (added emphasis) delivered in lightning stripes as the first group (#8000-8009) were painted black......"

Interesting.... According to that, the Atlas RS-11 models in lightning
stripes then are bogus, although the numbers are correct (8011 and
8014). Apparently whoever at Atlas decided on the paint scheme either
looked at the wrong photos, or didn't read the entire caption...

Thanks for the info!


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