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Re: PC: Lightning stripes in the PC era?

>In HO scale, Atlas has recently released their RS3 and RS11 models in
>New York Central, but only in "lightning stripe" paint. While I wish
>that they would also release a "cigar band" version that would be
>appropriate to use on an early Penn Central-era layout, I got to
>wondering: were there any NYC locomotives still sporting their
>"lightning stripes" in 1968 or 1969? Anyone ever recall seeing a photo
>of or in person any such engines? I'm trying to determine if I could
>get away with, prototypically, buying and running a "lightning stripe"
>Alco on my future 1969-era layout. Obviously, I wouldn't be able to
>assemble a fleet of striped power, nor would they be in pristine paint
>(I'd probably weather it up pretty good first).

I've never seen any photos of striped NYC units during the early-PC years, 
but I wouldn't be surprised if a few escaped being repainted.

About the units, you could do what I did with my NYC F7 set. I simply put 
them into excursion service! (I don't like the later cigar band scheme.)

--Chris Osterhus
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