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PC: Lightning stripes in the PC era?

Hi everyone,

In HO scale, Atlas has recently released their RS3 and RS11 models in
New York Central, but only in "lightning stripe" paint. While I wish
that they would also release a "cigar band" version that would be
appropriate to use on an early Penn Central-era layout, I got to
wondering: were there any NYC locomotives still sporting their
"lightning stripes" in 1968 or 1969? Anyone ever recall seeing a photo
of or in person any such engines? I'm trying to determine if I could
get away with, prototypically, buying and running a "lightning stripe"
Alco on my future 1969-era layout. Obviously, I wouldn't be able to
assemble a fleet of striped power, nor would they be in pristine paint
(I'd probably weather it up pretty good first).

I saw one photo on George Elwood's NYC locomotive page 
(http://www.dnaco.net/~gelwood/other/nyc-loco.html) of a pair of F7s
in 1969 still wearing stripes, so it appears there were two that made
the merger. I'm just trying to get a feel how many more there were
out there, so I can justify either buying or not buying that striped
RS11 that keeps calling my name at the hobby shop each month... :-)


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