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Re: PC: Penn central 5480

In a message dated 01/13/2001 12:56:35 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
DECOOKIEMAN -AT- aol.com writes:

> I am looking for a picture of penn central engine 5480.From what I can tell 
>  from reading PC power, it was used while in NH colors. The New Haven 
>  was 545 so if someone has a picture of either unit it will be greatly 
>  appreciated.

I'm afraid I don't have the one you are after, but in case it is of any 
interest, I do have a 1970 color photo of PC RS-3 # 5592, still in NH colors, 
but with the NH markings removed.  Other than the PC roadnumber, the only PC 
markings are the PC friendly worms under the headlight.  Sitting right behind 
5592 can be seen another orange-nosed RS-3, also with the friendly-worms 
clearly visible.

Ned Schwartz

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