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Re: PC: chicken wire F-units

weldon wrote:
> Pardon my ignorance,
> but why are these units referred to as "Chicken Wire?"

"Chicken wire" refers to the type of covering over the radiator intakes
on the sides of the units. The F2 and F3 models had "chicken wire"
covering the radiator openings and on some models, the vents between the

With late F3 models, along with the F7 and F9, the radiators were
covered with grilles, which is the most commonly seen on F units.
> Are photos available?

Check out this web page for clarification between F-unit models,
including some photos:


Also, from George Elwood's photo site, here's a couple of pictures that
clearly show the difference between the chicken wire and the grilles.
Look above the portholes on the side of the engine:

F2 1604 (chicken wire) http://gelwood.railfan.net/other/nyc/nyc1604ag.jpg
F7 1640 (grilles) http://gelwood.railfan.net/other/nyc/nyc1640s.jpg

Actually, in the second photo, the trailing unit is a chicken wire F3B,
so it clearly shows the difference between the two.

Hope this helps.


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