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PC: PC on eBay

I was on eBay today looking for Penn Central goodies. (There is a lot
there, but I didn't find anything I couldn't live without.)

While searching, however, I did come across a lot of keyword spam. What
is keyword spam? That is where the seller includes lots of key words in
his description that have nothing to do with the item for sale; the words
are included for the sole reason of fooling people who are searching for
other items.

Key word spam is against the eBay rules. If you run across any items like
this, report the auction to:
SafeHarbor -AT- eBay.com

It often takes eBay a couple of days to act, but they almost always
respond. Quite often they will end the auction immediately, but sometimes
they just send a warning to the seller. The response depends on the
person handling the complaint, so if several people complain about an
abuse the odds of ending the auction is greatly increased.

If you are searching for Penn Central today and come across a lot of
relatively new NS and Conrail items you'll know what has happened.

Bryan Turner

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