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Re: PC: PC SW-1500's

I live in south jersey and what I have seen in books they did and so did
conrail and RDG!
P.S. In 1970 the PRSL was experincing motive power problems with their old
baldwins and was going to purchase for a cost of $906,000 for 2 GP38s and 2
SW 1500s, but the proposal was rejected by PC and RDG mangement as too
costly. In the spring of '74 the PRSL found a buyer for a 900 arce track and
land it own near Pedricktown in Salam County which it was sold to Shell oil
co. for a new plastic plant. Seeing a new possible funds for new equiments.
They poposed to use 2 million of the 6.5million they got from selling the
land, to buy 4 GP38s, 3 SW1500s, and 5 add't  N11e transfer Cabooses.
However, this was rejected too, by its owners because they knew Conrail was
coming and didn't want to spend money on something they would not have long.
This information comes from the book, By Rails to the Boardwalk, by Richard
M. Gladulich.

"Samuel L. Reynolds" wrote:

> To members of the list,
> Can anyone provide information on whether the PC assigned any of the
> SW-1500's to Pavonia Yard in Camden, NJ, or any other operation point in
> southern New Jersey.  I have two Athearn SW-1500's that I would like to
> use for PC models if they operated in the southern New Jersey region.
> Thanks in advance!
> Sam Reynolds

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