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PC: Minor update and photo ID help

Hey everyone,

I made a minor update to the MU Car page in the Photo Gallery section of
my Penn Central Railroad Home Page web site. Additional information about
the MP54 seen at Baltimore in 1986 has been added (thanks to Jim Reaves)
and I also added a picture of Washington Terminal MP54 #300, which was
sent to me by Gary Stuebben about a year and a half ago in regards to a
discussion taking place on the list at that time. In typical Jerry
fashion, I finally got it posted. (Better late than never!) Now we'll
see if anyone actually remembers what the discussion concerning that
car was about... (Thanks Gary!)

Also, I have posted a photo on the web server at


I don't have it linked to any page yet, because I'm trying to figure
out where it was taken. It was taken by Harv Kahn, who has a good number
of Eastern Region photos on my website. This is the last of his photos
I've been meaning to post to the site, but I need some help on where it
was taken. I'm about 90% sure that it was at South Amboy, New Jersey,
but I was hoping you listers might be able to confirm or deny it. The
last time I was in South Amboy, they certainly didn't have E-units or
GG1s there... :-(


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