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PC: (Fwd) (no subject)

	I received this a few minutes ago. The question pertains to
	NEW Castle Indiana and I can't help him. If anyone here can,
	I would appreciate it.


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From:          Trainmastertim1 -AT- gateway.net
Date:          Tue, 26 Dec 2000 16:33:49 EST
Subject:       (no subject)
To:            rhensley -AT- anderson.cioe.com

I just found your website while surfing..i was wondering if you happen to 
have any maps of the New Castle area...i am most interested in the old NYC 
springfield branch...the line from DX to springfield OH......In looking over 
an old PC timetable i have i can't find any yard limits listed...did this 
line have any yards..and do you know if this line interchanged at all with 
any other lines in newcastle...or did it run elevated??  The timetable i have 
is scetchy...i would appreciate any information you would have on this 
area...and would be interested in buying copies or maps of this region you 
may have for sale


Roger Hensley
rhensley -AT- anderson.cioe.com
== http://madisonrails.railfan.net/ ==
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