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Re: PC: PC 9950

Jim & Lon. Picture of PC 9970 in the 1977 RNE Conrail Power 2 pg 81. Former 
road unknown. A two chime horn is located in what looks like the original 
position mounted on a bracket in the center of the cab below the top of the 
roof approx. 12 inches or so. That is a guess looking at the picture. This 
mounting is at the long hood end.
  I was told by shop personal that GG1 horns were mounted on some of the 
RS-3m as they became available with the GG1's being retired. Can anyone 
  Page 36 in the same book shows a RS-3 short hood end. Here a single horn is 
mounted on top of the short hood just in front of what looks like a exhaust 
stack (maybe steam equiped). Thats all I can shed light on. Hope it is some 

Pat McKinney             

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