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PC: PC 2415...not looking good...

Some more bad news for the only C424 the PRR and PC ever owned... And
no, I don't think the PCRRHS has enough money to buy and move it... :-(


Mark Mathu wrote:
> Jerry, the future for ex-PRR #2415 (ex-GB&W #319) does not look good.
> To quote from a message on the Alco Motive Power Forum
> http://www.railroad.net/forums/load/alco/msg0215311021414.html?97623
> "The 319, 320, 321 (all ex GBW C424s) are apparently still for sale in
> Arkansas. Problem is all were condemned by FRA on account of wheels and a
> ridiculous number of violations. One unit actually had a bead welded on the
> back of the wheel in place of the flange, which was broken. All were running
> with cut-out cylinders due to blown power assemblies. Basically, they were
> trashed. The 3 are for sale, and scrap price would buy them, but the buyer
> cannot move them on their current wheels. I heard NYCH [New York Cross
> Harbor Railroad] backed out due to the movement problem. Any takers?"
> - Mark
> The Green Bay Route - http://members.nbci.com/gb_route/

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