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PC: A very PC Christmas for me...

In other related PC stuff...

My sister bought me for Christmas the Green Frog Penn Central Vol 2 tape.
I was in shock...she actually managed to get me *exactly* what I asked
for for once, but that's another story... :-) So of course, as soon as my
folks dropped me back off at my house tonight, I turned on the TV and
VCR and watched it. :-)

It is a very enjoyable tape. It runs not quite 60 minutes of video, all
from the camera of Emery Gulash. He covers the same territory as tape
1--northern Ohio and southeast Michigan, but fortunately he doesn't
spend a lot of time on this tape at the same locations he shot at on
Vol 1. A good bit coverage in Toledo, especially around Union Station,
and he even had a shot of a train crossing the drawbridge in Cleveland
(yea!). Overall, I liked it, and I'll be sure to get the next one in
the series that comes out. Hopefully Emery has mome footage still in
the can from around Cleveland to put on the next tape, but we'll see...

Also, the folks bought me a curio cabinet to put on the wall in my
back room for some of my PC railroadiana to go in, so that was pretty
neat too. Haven't put it up yet, though...it's a little hard to balance
a cabinet on the wall and myself on one foot at the same time.... :-)


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