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Re: PC: Red P U25 B

WLE2679 -AT- aol.com wrote:
> It is my understamnding that the first batch of PRR U25Bs were purchased by
> the Waynesburg & Washington (did I get that backward?  Wouldn't surprise me!)
> any truth to that?  I saw it in an old (like back when PC was ALIVE) issue of
> Trains that my dad has.....
Well, the first batch of PRR U25Cs were paid for by the U.S. Government
as compensation for wiping out part of a PRR line from the Kinzua Dam
project. Pennsy ordered them loaded....with every option.

BTW, anyone seen a picture of those new Proto 2000 gons on the net
anywhere? Life-Like doesn't have one on their site, and I haven't seen
one anywhere else yet. (Of course, I have a four-pack of the NYC kits
still in the shrinkwrap that I haven't gotten to yet. Maybe once I
catch up on labeling slides I'll start on my freight cars...)


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