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PC: Website update and other stuff

Greetings fellow listers,

First of all, I have updated the Penn Central Railroad Home Page with
new material, including a few new track charts, and two new documents
in the Library about PC electric MU cars. Check it all out at

Also, I am happy to report that I am mostly dug out from the massive
backlog of photos and other contributions that has kept me buried for
the past couple of years. This means, however, one thing: I need more
stuff! Photos, articles, track charts, and any other material that you
think I can use will be most welcomed. So if you feel the urge, fire
up the scanner or word processor and send something for the site.

Also, as we get close to wrapping the year up, many thanks go out to
everyone who has contributed to the PC website and the mailing list.
The mailing list has been in operation for four years as of December 1,
and the web site itself has been around since the Spring of 1995, and
neither would be possible without the help of many other interested

Oh, and in case you didn't know--the PC Mailing List is still fully
functional. I guess you all have been busy doing your Christmas shopping
for the past couple of weeks, as I've received a couple e-mails lately
wondering if the list was down because there weren't any posts. :-)

Anyway, enjoy the updates, and may you and yours all have a blessed and
joyous holiday season!


Jerry W. Jordak                   It's not the trains that amaze me--
mailto:jer@smellycat.com          it's the fish heads.
http://prozac.cwru.edu/jer/                       -- Mark Bailey
Luke 2:10   <><

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