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PC: RE: Herald King ore jennie decals


	Try contacting Double S Express 704-786-1467.  Owner is John Howard.  He
was at the Nashville GATS last month.  I bought over 200 Herald King decals
from him that day.  He has a large collection of Herald King decals.  PC ore
jennies were included.  Yes I bought some of those also.

Mark Nolan
Clarksville, TN

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Subject: PC: Herald King ore jennie decals

To members of the list,

In an effort to model a number of the ex-PRR ore jennies that were
relettered for the PC, I am trying to locate the following Herald King
decal set: O-360.  If anyone has any of these sets, or knows of someone
that does, and would like to sell them please contact me offlist at
monon -AT- uscom.com.  Thanks in advance!

Sam Reynolds

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