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Re: PC: Halloween PC ABPR Posting

On Wed, 1 Nov 2000, John Wilson wrote:

>  What is that thing numbered 9411 in the background? It doesn't look
> like the HH660 we've heard about recently.
>  Was the 9411 ever completely painted for PC ?
>     JW

carve.gif has the unit sufficiently mangulated to thouroughly obfuscate it's
spotting features.

I have no shots of PC or CR 9411, but I know CR's ex-RDG SW1001's were the 9400
to 9424 series virtually from Day 1.. 

"Conrail Power 1 1976" (Rails Northeast) lists 11 Alco S1 and S3 units numbered
from 9392 to 9499 and all 25 of the the ex-RDG SW1001's numbered 9400 to 9424
right smack in the middle of the S1's and S3's. "Conrail Power 2 1977" does not
list any Alco S1 or S3 units at all, presumably all retired or traded in almost
right away.

PC had Alco Series switchers in the 9400's, I recall seeing at least 9435
through 9465 as S1's and I have shots of PC 9476 as an S3 which jibes with the
early CR Power listings.

I believe NYC's diesel low 9400's were Alco S1's. There's a shot of 9404 at

If it was really CR 9411 I would say it was an ex-RDG SW1001, if it was really
PC 9411 I would say it was an S1.

FYI for the steam fans, P&LE's late model nasty Berks were 9400's too.

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