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Re: PC: "The Fallen Colossus."

On Tue, 31 Oct 2000 EMDSD80MAC -AT- aol.com wrote:

> re: PCRRHS
> Am looking for owners of PC pictures willing to let them be used in 
> screensavers that I will make for the members of Jerry's page and the PCRRHS. 
> They will be intended for distribution free of charge and will be available 
> ONLY HERE or on any forthcoming PCRRHS web page. I'd like to get going on 
> these projects so let me know at emdsd80mac -AT- aol.com (Ed St.George, member 
> PCRRHS) Thanks
> For an sample please check   <A 
> HREF="http://mainlineseast.railfan.net/home.html";>Mainlines East</A>   and 
> click on the FREE screensavers link. Thanks, ED

Ed, I have some PC and early CR shots from my teenage years at

My particular favorites are the U33C trio in pc6548-1.jpg and pc6548-2.jpg
which were shot from the signal bridge between tower 49A and where tower 50
used to be near downtown Buffalo and pcride0.jpg which was show from Delaware
Avenue on the ex-NYC belt line in Buffalo. Note the GP9B third unit in the

The quality of some of the photos on that page isn't so great, but I'm glad I
took them all the same!

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