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Re: PC: PRSL GP 38s

craig a levine wrote:
> In photos of these units in PRSL paint the distant from the gauge to the
> end of the tank give the impression of a smaller fuel tank; in photo's of
> these units in PC the distant appears to longer meaning a larger fuel
> tank. I would doubt if they replaced the fuel tank so does anyone know
> what size tanks they had? I'm making an Atlas one of these and need to
> know what fuel tank to use.

>From Diesel Era magazine, Volume 8, Number 5 (Sep/Oct 1997):

PC 7815-7824, known as the "Detroit" GP38s, had 3200-gallon tanks.
(These units also had dual controls and built-out cab fronts, like
the PRSL GP38s).  All other PC GP38s had 2600 gallon tanks.

However, if you look at photos some of the ten PRSL units, it looks like
they have an even smaller fuel tank on them. That would be reasonable
to assume, considering that PRSL did not have a large service territory,
so they may have opted to order smaller tanks on them. The Diesel Era
article did not say how large the tanks were on the the PRSL units.

Remember, though, that PRSL 2000-2009 never wore PC paint. The only
PRSL GP38s that became PC were 2010-2014. They looked like they had
larger tanks than PRSL 2000-2009. The 2010-2014 only wore PRSL emblems
for maybe a few days, so they really were PC locomotive their entire
lives. PRSL 2000-2009 wore PRSL paint and emblems up until Conrail.

Best advice: find a photo of the unit you want to model and base the
fuel tank size off of that. But for a PC unit, except for one of the
"Detroit" units (named because they were initially assigned there), a
2600 gallon tank will work.


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