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Re: PC: Maint. base for #7754 and #7786

Beacon Park, for a SMALL shop was the home base for ALL of PC's GP40's in the 
early days and became home base to over 150 engines. Now, mostly a car shop, 
Beacon Park hosted GP40, SD45 and GP-9 engines, as well as the E8 commuter 
//The interesting postcript for our northeasternmost outpost for both PC and 
CR is that the engines based from here lived longer. The maintenance was 
excellent and the //train// work was easier. CR's GE B23-7's for the MOST 
part went 20-22 years without major overhauls or rebuilding. This area has 
lighter traffic and shorter runs. The trainwatching however, is not as 
intense as...say PA, MD, IL, IN, OH, NY... but... The engines here always 
came back and they were like old friends.

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