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Re: PC: Black PC Hats

Pennctrl1 -AT- aol.com wrote:
> List,  Where can these Black PC hats be purchased?  I've even seen red P
> white C hats floating around.  Never for sale....."oh,  my son found these at
> some show 4 years ago".....and on and on.......Any vendors for these? 

K&D Hobbies, based in the Harrisburg area, used to sell embroidered
PC hats and shirts, although you usually had to custom order them. I
talked to them at the Berea train show about a month ago, though, and
they are getting out of the apparel business, so that option is out
for now.

I know that there are other apparel manufacturers out there, such as
Jelsma Graphics, who also embroider hats and shirts with the PC emblem
in various colors. I haven't bought anything from them myself, but have
considered it on occasion, just never gotten around to it. (They also
have a PRSL emblem available, which I'd love to get on a maroon golf
shirt too.)

I have a black PC hat that I bought at a train show a couple years ago.
I don't remember who the vendor was, and the emblem isn't totally
correct (red "C"), but I think it was only $6, so I snatched it up
(along with too much other stuff, as usual).


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