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PC: Black PC Hats

List,  Where can these Black PC hats be purchased?  I've even seen red P 
white C hats floating around.  Never for sale....."oh,  my son found these at 
some show 4 years ago".....and on and on.......Any vendors for these?   The 
Penn Central 38's are done every bit as nicely as the Atlas U-23-B's were.  I 
talked to MBKlein's sat. to order some unnumbered PC units and they say that 
the PC's are going fast!  Several of us here in Ohio are trying to persuade 
Atlas to do PC in the next run of GP-40's.    It's hard to be quiet about it 
when PC had 272 +/- of these!                                             
Happy PC Modelling,   Gene Dent

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