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RE: PC: U33C Radiator Fairings

Not true.  Basically only the early 1968 orders for U33C's have the flair.  As an example, EL's 1968 U33C's have them and the 1969 order does not.  Nor does anyone else's build after mid 68.  The U36C did not arrive until 1971.  Although the U36B arrived in 1970.  In addition, the U34CH (which was just a slightly cut back 36C) also arrived in 1970.

> All GE U33C models have the "faired radiator" integration. until the U36 
> models were ready for production. Then they were given the same treatment as 
> the U36C/B. They were "gas guzzlers" by GE's own admission. This led to the 
> dash 7 series where microprossessers were used to regulate the fuel rack 
> settings.

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