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Re: PC: RE: "The Fallen Colossus."

> What is the scoop on the above referenced book?

That book is the reason I'm on this list, and the reason that one of
these days I'm going to send in my check to the PCRRHS (I'm a little
disorganized). I saw the book at the library one day, in the railroad
section (185.000's if I remember right), and picked it up. I still can't
tell you what my big fascination is with the PC (I'm only 20, so I never
saw a PC locomotive, even post Conrail (which was formed 4 years
B.C....Before Chris...he he he). Robert Sobel does a spectacular job of
covering the PC. Of all the PC stuff I have read, that is still my
favorite! Congrats on your purchase!

Christopher J. May
Aurora, IL

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