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Re: PC: Re: Metroliner paperweights and coins

> There's one guy one-bay that seems to have an endless supply of NYC
> marbles, whatever those are.

I've seen lots of "advertising marbles." They seem very common and
amazingly the paint is always in very good condition.

Some of these fakes can be fun for a laugh if you can get one on the
cheap. Being an L&N/NC&StL nut, I finally got one of the Civil War era
Western & Atlantic RR Police Badges. Sadly, I've seen people pay hundreds
of dollars for these. 

Railroadiana tip > Q. How do you tell if a railroad police department
badge is a fake? A. It's for sale. 

I saw someone on an email list who new the only agent on an interurban
who was ever issued a badge, which the agent still has. He later saw two
badges for that road for sale! Get the picture?

On a happier ebay note, I just left a feedback for one of my latest
purchases. Yesterday I received a copy of "The Fallen Colossus." I'd set
the personal shopper to search for this one and eventually I got one.
Luckily for me, I was the only bidder.

Bryan Turner

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