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Re: PC: ***RR Advertising "marbles".... real ???? fake ???

Bill Strassner wrote:

> ***I have a pretty good collection of things PRR-NYC-PC-CR, etc., and I
> never came across these "marbles".

I've seen these marbles being sold for everything from railroads to
gasoline brands to automobile brands to Taco Bell. There are four
different "sellers" selling these marbles, but all of them have the
same general text for them. They claim to be "hand painted", but I
kind of doubt it. Most of the ones that I've seen listed don't fetch
any bids either. 

So it looks like that these marbles are bogus, at least as far as
being authentic railroad items.
> Judging from a shipping box I recently received, the marbles and the "RR
> shot glasses" are all new material, never produced by any of these
> RR';s.....

I have a "Penn Central" shot glass that was given to me as a gift. There
is one just like it on eBay right now at

This one is obviously a repro also. I've seen them at places like the
Great Train Store, hobby shops, and other "railroady touristy" kind of
places. You can look at it and see the emblem and lettering doesn't
look "right." I do not know if PC actually produced their own shot
glasses or not. (Gary Farmer, do you have one?)


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