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PC: ***RR Advertising "marbles".... real ???? fake ???

***"Gerhard A. Stuebben"  mentioned =

.  There's one
: guy one-bay that seems to have an endless supply of NYC advertising
: whatever those are.
***I have a pretty good collection of things PRR-NYC-PC-CR, etc., and I
never came across these "marbles".

Altho' I have lost some over the decades...... hahahahaha...

Judging from a shipping box I recently received, the marbles and the "RR
shot glasses" are all new material, never produced by any of these

The RR Shot glass box read "PRR Shotglasses" and was from China
1998....??!!!  Hmmmmmmm..

Anyone else know about these "artifax"..??!

THX, Bill Strassner*-*

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