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PC: Re: Metroliner paperweights and coins

The other possibility is that someone is still producing them.  There's one
guy one-bay that seems to have an endless supply of NYC advertising marbles,
whatever those are.

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Date: Saturday, October 28, 2000 10:26 AM
Subject: PC: Metroliner paperweights and coins

>Hey all,
>In an attempt to steer us back on topic....
>I got to thinking the other day while checking my eBay auctions. It
>seems like every week, somebody is selling one of those Metroliner
>paperweights or Metroliner coins. I have one of each, and I'm sure
>some of you on the list also have one or both of these in your
>Does anyone know how many of these items were produced by Penn Central?
>Obviously (except for the three gold Metroliner coins that were
>produced), they're not rare by any means. But it seems like PC must have
>made gobs of these items for them if every week at least one of each
>seems to show up on eBay. Also, who did PC hand these items out to?
>Patrons of the train? Government or railroad officials? Just wondering...
>As an aside, the PCRRHS is now online at http://www.pcrrhs.org/
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